• No residual dust

    A healthy indoor environment for you and your family. AstroVac also removes the residual dust.

  • Sensational suction

    Shortens the suction time by half


central vacuum

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No dust emission

An AstroVac central vacuum system makes vacuuming light and healthier. A tubing system, installed in your home, connects the inlets on each floor with the central vacuum unit. The vacuum in the tubing will guide the dust to the machine, where it will be collected.

Also, by having a central vacuum vented to the outside of your home, it is possible to remove even the smallest of particles from your living environment. AstroVac reduces the amount of allergens in your home by extracting dirt, dust, mold, pollen, and pet dander out of your carpet and furnishings.

Hardly any maintenance

An AstroVac central vacuum system, non-regarding whether you choose a system with or without a filter, is a good investment, offering you a longer lifetime, less maintenance and incredible advantages for your health and indoor air quality. For a healthy home!

Incredible performance

Because of the incredible performance of our central vacuum units with one or two motors your cleaning time will me much shorter. No more irritation about performance, as all dust, mold, dustmites, and pollen will immediately be removed the first time.

Energy label

Starting september 2017 the EU vacuum cleaner energy label restricts sales of portable vacuum cleaners of which the motor size is restricted to less than 900 Watts. This regulation does not apply for central vacuum cleaners